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For those of us who loved Nick Carter, we were more than familiar with his little brother Aaron. Now, Aaron went on to have his own pop career as well, but unlike his big brother, he did it all solo. As expected, having two mega-stars in the house often comes with a set of complications — and on a special episode of Oprah’s Where Are They Now, Aaron Carter dived into how the pressure to live publicly almost destroyed him.

Carter, now 28, was candid about how he self-medicated after hearing the news about his parents getting a divorce. Weirdly enough, Carter learned of the news just one hour before his episode of the hit MTV show Cribs was set to tape. Which is… well, almost cruel.

According to Carter, his family was everything — and, it was extremely difficult for him to process the news.

On Twitter, he decided to reach out to fans by posting his own cell phone number. While fans did call, Dancing With The Stars also decided to connect with him this way. He trained for three months, since he knew that the show would be his ticket back to healthy living (and a paycheck.)

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Paired with Karina Smirnoff, Carter was on the show’s ninth season.

But, even that wasn’t enough to really reboot his career. Carter admitted that he turned to heavy drinking, and ended up at the Betty Ford Center. Years later, he noted that he actually stayed in the same room that Robert Downey Jr. had stayed in years prior.

The good thing? Carter always seems to have both his Mom and brother to lean on when things get tough.

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And based on the Where Are They Now appearance, and the fact that Carter was willing to admit that he’s hit a lot of dangerous roadblocks, we feel like he’ll be able to navigate through this and channel his talents into other successful projects.