Aaron Carter
Credit: Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic

Aaron Carter gave an emotional performance at a queer restaurant/bar/club near his hometown of Brandon, Florida. It was Carter’s first performance since he came out on Twitter. Last week, Aaron admitted to being bisexual and feeling attraction for both boys and girls since the age of 13, writing, “There’s something I’d like to say that I feel is important for myself and my identity.” This weekend, Aaron performed his new single “Hard to Love” to a hugely enthusiastic and supportive crowd, and the singer was so moved by the outpour of positive response he had to take a little break during the performance to steel himself.

As seen in a video shared by TMZ, Aaron became highly emotional after thanking the audience and re-confirming his sexual orientation.

Aaron recently told Bert Weiss, the host of The Bert Show, that he’s been thinking about coming out for many years. He felt he needed to divulge this part of himself as he entered a new chapter of his life — his thirties. The 29 year old singer turns 30 on December 7th.

Well, cheers to that!

Bravery comes in many different forms, whether it’s free-climbing El Capitan (yes, someone actually checked that off of his list of to-do’s) or revealing a deeply-held secret about yourself. You never know what kinds of doors you’ll unlock or worlds you’ll stumble into because you pushed into that fearful but good place. We know it’s hard, but life is all about stepping outside your comfort zones and embracing the unknown.

We’re so thrilled that Aaron is receiving so much love! It just goes to show how a little courage can result in big and wondrous results.