Karen Belz
July 28, 2017 7:36 am

Just because she’s had to remain quiet doesn’t mean she still can’t flawlessly communicate with her fans. Mayim Bialik just taught her fans how to act by simply using facial expressions. The fun video, which was released on her YouTube channel, enlists the help of buddy Chad to help her entertain and inform.

The actress recently opened up about her recent doctor’s orders to go on vocal rest — a tough challenge for anyone. Due to vocal cord strain, she’s not allowed to speak for a full month. But thankfully she’s managed to work around it and keep her fans happy.

The video is called “Acting 101 with Mayim and Chad” and gives us a few solid pointers on the power of expression.

In the video, Chad gives the actress a few emotions to act out. As expected, she nails it. (Being an actor since the ripe old age of 13 might have also helped.)

For example, here she is acting out “excited.”

Mayim Bialik / www.youtube.com

And here she is expressing something we’ve all experienced before — hanger.

Mayim Bialik / www.youtube.com

Of course, the expressions that Chad spouts out get a bit goofier as time goes on. Bialik flawlessly expresses everything from “disappointed in a movie” to “accidentally got maple syrup on my thigh.”

Getting a free acting lesson from Bialik is definitely priceless. She’s just proving that we can say so much to each other without ever having to use words. But that said, we do anxiously await the end of her vocal rest — and we’re pretty sure she’s feeling the same way.