Kenya Foy
Updated Aug 04, 2016 @ 12:30 pm
kim gym
Credit: kimkardashian/Instagram

Does working out feel a little less torturous if you’re sporting some stylish gym wear while you sweat it out? Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but it feels reasonable to believe that if you look better while exercising, you’ll feel a whole lot better about getting in just one more set of squats. Judging by Kim Kardashian’s increasingly crazy strong and fit body and her stylish gym wear, we’re willing to believe there’s a bit of truth to that.

The mother of two recently posted a few Snapchat videos showing off her weight loss since giving birth to baby Saint. Although Kardashian’s baby weight loss diet sounds like something from a horrifying food-related nightmare, it’s clearly working for her, so more power to her. (Hey, we’re not here to tell anyone to lose weight, but we do support people doing what they want to make their bodies feel as good and healthy as they want, and Kim clearly knows how to get herself to a place where she physically feels her best and we love that.)

Kardashian joked about exercising with a beat face by saying she’s “pathetic” for working out in full hair and makeup, but we say there’s nothing pathetic about working your ass off in the gym on a consistent basis. Like, that’s hero status actually.

She’s killing it! Judging by Kardashian’s gym selfies, her workout style is the ultimate combination of simple and chic.

Here she is sporting a stylish workout casual look complete with a topknot and sunnies:

Of course, she has to represent Kanye West’s fashion aesthetic with gear from Yeezy’s Adidas collection:

More Adidas gear because, why not:

So, while everyone was busy fussing over this photo Kim K. and Blac Chyna’s belfies, we had our eyes on this fab low-cut sports bra:

Kardashian went totally ’80s with this look:

Kardashian is all worried about her nose, but can we have that sweatshirt?

Who says you can’t slay in sweats?