Star Wars Celebration 2016
Credit: Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images for Walt Disney Studios

Last year, we lost our galaxy queen, Carrie Fisher, who died after suffering a massive heart attack on Dec 23rd, 2016. The Star Wars legend was 60. There are no words to express the loss felt by the actress’ death. She was loved by many and an inspiration to us all.

In addition to playing a warrior princess that fought against an evil Empire determined to rule the galaxy, Fisher had a long and fruitful career in Hollywood in front and behind the screen. She wrote, produced and appeared in countless movies throughout her four-decade long career. She was also a sought-after script doctor for numerous films, including Sister Act, Made in America, and The Wedding Singer. There literally was nothing this woman couldn’t do. She was as bad ass as they get.

While we mourn the loss of another unforgettable talent, let’s look back at some of the other films Fisher did that you may not know about. Did anyone say movie marathon?

1 When Harry Met Sally

In one of her most beloved roles outside of the Star Wars franchise, Fisher plays Sally’s best friend Marie in the classic romantic comedy.

2 Blues Brothers

Fisher plays Jake Blues’ (John Belushi) pissed off bride in this ’80s film.

3 Drop Dead Fred

In the eccentric and lovable ’90s classic comedy, Fisher plays Janie, the main character’s best friend.

4 Postcards from the Edge

Technically, she doesn’t appear in this film but she wrote it and adapted it from her semi-autobiographical novel of the same name.

5 Shampoo

Before appearing in a New Hope in 1977, Fisher made her film debut in this satirical romantic comedy in a small role as Lorna, a “tennis-playing teenager seducing Warren Beatty.”