2 chainz coffee
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In the interest of getting right to the point, we just watched 2 Chainz sip $600 coffee made from cat poop. We know — you need a moment to process. So, in the rapper’s latest appearance in GQ’s Most Expensivest Shit series, he willingly samples a cup of Kopi Luwak, coffee that’s brewed with cherry pits that are collected from the poop of the Indonesian, forest-dwelling feline known as a civet. Um, yeah…we’re glad 2 Chainz is the guinea pig in this sitch because cats are adorable, but drinking their poop remnants actually doesn’t sound cute. AT ALL.

As you’ll recall, the rapper previously played with $165,000 worth of kittens, so he’s no stranger to keeping his cool in the face of ridiculously priced stuff. Before he’s made aware of the origin of the poo-brewed coffee, he asks a hard-hitting question like any smart consumer would.

2 Chainz would like to know if the coffee is “French vanilla or more of a roast type.”

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But far be it for the flashy rapper to let a little feline feces deter him from indulging in the absolute best of what life has to offer. Sure, he bristles at the $600-per-pound price tag and even tries to negotiate a deal for the $6,000 Blossom Brewer and the $3,000 coffee grinder. We’re not really sure what the outcome of his bargaining was, but Blossom Coffee founder Jeremy Kuempel didn’t seem too opposed to that stack of cash Chainz was waving around.

In the end, Chainz says he’s only recently getting into coffee but thinks that this unusual brew might help his middle-of-the-night studio sessions be a little more lit. Hmm…we’ll take his word for it, but something tells us he doesn’t need cat poop coffee to make that happen.