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We love Leslie Jones for many reasons. First off, she’s funny AF. Secondly, she is a total badass. And thirdly, she’s not afraid to embrace her inner fangirl. There are so many times that Leslie Jones has openly fangirled about all the great celebs she meets and let’s us vicariously live through her experiences.

We already filled you in on what went down when our beloved comedienne met Jay Z and Queen Bey. Now, we’re taking it a step further and going through our fave moments of Jones freaking out over celebs just like we do.

LesDogggg + Armenian Elsa

And by Armenian Elsa we mean Kim Kardashian.

The One That Got Away

The GOAT, Sir Paul McCartney [/subheader]

Like, seriously, Leslie. Can we be you?

She’s bringing sexy back.

Right alongside the sexy singer himself.

Leslie Squared

SNL in the house.

Hanging with a Happy Hippie

We bet these goofballs had a blast together.

Okay, we’re officially green with envy.

Nick Jonas is bae.


Slayyyyy, ladies, slay.

Is this real life?

We’d be cheesing hard next to Drizzy Drake, too.

LesDogggg + MadDogggg

Gaga for Gaga

But Seriously, She’s All Girl Power

Leslie was all smiles with movie maven Emily Blunt.

You can’t see her, but it’s Sia!

Hanging out with fellow funny woman Melissa McCarthy.

Okay, but like Jane Lynch? Really? Talk about epic.

There are countless other examples of Leslie Jones hanging out with our fave celebs ever. Kristen Wiig, Bill Murray, Andy Samberg (who she said would make a ‘dope couple’ with her), and Maya Rudolph are just another handful of the awesomely talented ladies and gents that Leslie Jones hangs with on a regular basis. Seriously, just check out LesDogggg’s Instagram for hours of guilt-free scrolling… including a special appearance by the Church Lady. After spending an embarrassing amount of time fangirling ourselves, one thing is quite clear: Leslie’s rolodex is total #squadgoals.