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February 22, 2017 11:57 am

On the surface, it might seem as though Beyoncé and John Mayer have very little in common, aside from an undying passion for music, of course. One is a pop star known for her over-the-top, symbolically laden performances and spectacular, super luxe style, all shrouded in CIA-level secrecy, while the other is a guitarist and soul-searching singer who when not expanding his merchandise empire with lyric-inspired accessories, spends his days Snapchatting his laundry and skincare regimen. But there is one more thing the musical duo do have in common, and that’s an unbridled love for extremely expensive robes.

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On Sunday, noted basketball enthusiast Beyoncé attended the NBA All-Star game in New Orleans, Louisiana, with her husband Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy wearing an outfit befitting her Queen B status. While the pop star’s foundational look was a simple white tee and ripped jeans, on top of that she wore a very stately floral-printed silk kimono from Gucci’s Spring Summer 2017 collection which features black Persian lamb and purple mink fur, embroidered toggles, and patch details. The robe will set you back a cool $21,945, but fear not Bey-hive because the Gucci-branded paper fan she accessorized her look with could still be yours for a relatively more reasonable (yet still astronomical) $450.

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And on Monday John Mayer made it clear that while he may not typically be one to start wildly posting lemon and bee emojis in another person’s social media comments, Beyoncé’s latest look may have just officially convinced him to become the new head of her fan club.

The singer posted a shot of the pop star sitting court side with her daughter on Instagram writing, “I’m not one to pander, so please believe me when I say it: this is the fit of the year. Everyone else just wear sweats. It’s over. Go home.”

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Now maybe if Mayer releases another Bey cover, she’ll consider loaning him the Gucci stunner.

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