Did these celebrity sightings just confirm a “Game of Thrones” season 7 spoiler?

Now that Game of Thrones has soared right past the written A Song of Ice and Fire story (though George R. R. Martin says we might get The Winds of Winter this year), where the story will go is anyone’s guess. And fans are doing a lot of guessing.

There are theories about everything in Game of Thrones. Whether it’s Tyrion Lannister’s true parentage, Jon Snow’s secret twin, or the truth behind the white walkers, everything is up for debate.

But the only real spoilers we get these days come from set sightings — like this apparent scene featuring Jon, Tyrion and Dany.

Back in November, The Huffington Post reported that on Reddit user had shared a massive leak of Game of Thrones plot points. A whole huge list of them, actually.

Some of them seemed kind of farfetched — like Jorah’s greyscale being cured — but others weirdly possible. Either way, they were fun to discuss.

But now with sightings of actors in certain filming locations, some of these spoilers might be coming true.

The International Business Times is revealing that a certain dangerous mission north of the Wall might be in Jon Snow’s future. And that includes a team up with Beric Dondarrion, The Hound, Thoros of Myr, Jorah, and Gendry who we haven’t seen in years.

The storyline features the crew capturing a wight to prove to Cersei, Tyrion and Daenerys that the White Walkers are real — and a real threat.

And guess what? Joe Dempsie and Paul Kaye have been spotted in Iceland.

AKA where Kit Harington and the rest of the actors in Jon Snow’s crew are shooting their scenes.

We can’t officially confirm anything (and we wouldn’t want to — who doesn’t like a little surprise?), but there are a few things we know for sure.

One, season 7 of GoT is going to be epic. Two, this would be one crazy team up. And three, we’re so glad that Gendry is back.

See you in summer, Thrones fans. We’ll be theorizing until then.

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