13 celebrities giving all the summertime short hair inspiration you need

When the weather gets hot, we fantasize about freeing our neck from our sweaty locks, and seeing celebs with short hair makes the chop even more tempting. While long hair can be styled so many different ways, these ladies prove that short hair is just as versatile, and take cuteness to a whole new level.

Here are 13 celebrities whose short hair is giving us some serious inspiration:

1. Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff made her short ‘do all her own with loose waves and bubblegum pink locks.

2. Lucy Hale

Short, beachy waves are summer 2016’s signature look.

3. Jenny Slate

Has anything ever looked more fun and free than Jenny Slate’s curls?

4. Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy‘s pre-pregnancy chop was the ultimate game-changer.

5. Zoe Kazan

Zoe Kazan’s lil’ buns are too cute.

6. Taylor Swift

I mean, duh. We’ve been feelin’ Tay’s look ever since she debuted it back in February.

7. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato always brings #HairGoals with her short, choppy waves.

8. Danielle Brooks

Sleek, sophisticated, sexy.

9. Tavi Gevinson

Tavi Gevinson proves that pixie cuts are always a good idea.

10. Kimiko Glenn

So edgy yet so adorable!

11. Emma Watson

Emma Watson shows off how short hair is perfect for tucking behind your ears and diving into a good book.

12. Sarah Paulson

Short hair means your beachy curls always stay in place.

13. Maisie Williams

A girl has short hair — and we’re obsessed.

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