These celebrity parent Instagram accounts are freaking perfect

We all have our favorite celeb Insta accounts. Beyoncé, T-Swift, Kylie Jenner…we could go on (and on). But what a lot of people don’t realize is that sometimes it’s celebrity parents who are posting the real gold.

And it kinda makes sense: to have birthed such creative and awesome kids, these people must be kind of awesome themselves, right?

So without further ado, here are a selection of some of the best celebrity parent Instagram accounts that everyone should be following (for serious)!

Tina Knowles aka @mstinalawson

Ok, first of all, young Tina looks JUST like her daughter Beyoncé, so these #tbt pics are seriously reason enough to follow her. But Beyond her beauty, Tina is an incredibly sweet, relatable, family-oriented lady!

Mohamed Hadid aka @mohamedhadid

More than anything, we love how much this proud dad loves his children. Every other post is a picture of a magazine cover featuring model daughters Gigi and Bella Hadid.

He also strikes fabulous poses.

Yolanda Hadid aka @yolanda.hadid

Gigi and Bella’s mom is equally as awesome. She sometimes posts throwbacks to her days as a model, but most often serves as an impeccable hippie mom content, like a picture of her literally hugging a tree.

Dennis Graham aka @therealdennisg

Not only is he our hero for planning on dropping his own R&B single and upcoming album, but rapper Drake’s dad is also totally cool to hang.

Britney Spears aka @britneyspears

Ok, we know this one is cheating a little, but Britney is technically a parent, even though she’s not exactly the parent of a celebrity. And honestly not including her would be a disservice to us all.

We seriously just love this weird brain of hers.

Vilailuck Teigen aka @pepperthai2

Um… yum! Model and cookbook creator Chrissy Teigen’s mom is obviously a huge inspiration. Her food Instagrams have us DYING of hunger over here.

She’s also super tech savvy, which is totally our own #momgoals for how we want our moms to use the Internet.

Ronald Stephens aka @popz_topz

Everything about this account is so cute. The name, the fact that John Legend’s dad creates these beautiful hats, the way some pictures of the hats are put inside gold frames… all of it.

Shaman Hunter aka @shalanajh

Blac Chyna’s mom is simply. the. best.

Kathy Hilton aka @kathyhilton

Paris and Nicky Hilton’s mom loves her some dogs, flowers, and decadent fruit baskets. But honestly, who doesn’t?

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