This celebrity makeup artist just made eyebrow wigs a thing, and it’s not as crazy as you might think

We’re going to go ahead and file this next piece under, “Things we should have thought of but never did.” Celeb makeup artist, Hung Vanngo, has shared a video of eyebrow wigs being applied onto a person’s face, and it makes total sense. The thick, feathered brow trend isn’t going away anytime soon, and when you think of all the lengths women go to for full brows these days, an eyebrow wig doesn’t even sound that crazy.

Not only is this a more affordable, pain-free way of achieving fuller brows compared to microblading and tattooing, but it gives people the freedom to choose from one day to the next what they want their brows to look like. This is also a wonderful alternative for people who have alopecia, trichotillomania (a hair pulling disorder), or are undergoing cancer treatment.

Take a look at a lace-front eyebrow wig in action:

This is really nothing crazier than any of the other lengths we go to, to style our brows in a desired fashion. We’ve all tried serums, gels with thickening fibers, and drawn on some real monstrosities. It’s pretty exciting to see yet another alternative show up and give us a bit more freedom.

The power and magic of a lace front wig can transform a person’s style and give them the confidence they need to be their best selves — whether that lace front is on top of their heads or their faces. It seems that you can get them either professionally applied or do it yourself.

There are even YouTube tutorials available to teach you how to make your very own lace-front eyebrow wigs:

What’s your take on the whole eyebrow wig-thing? We figure any new thing that will help women feel like their best selves is good by us. There are so many different kinds of situations in which a person might want one of these, and we especially love that they’re a temporary, and more affordable option than tattooing.

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