9 celebrity kids even more fabulous than their famous parents

Celebrities are SO interesting to watch and keep track of, which is why Instagram is so freaking popular. That being said, there are people in this world that are actually more fascinating to watch and “like” on all social media…celebrity kids!

North West

Obviously, North is one of  the first celebrity kids we think of! Despite Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s best efforts to take over the news circuit every day, North is just way more fascinating. She doesn’t even have to try, and she captivates us on a daily basis. We’re so impressed by her wardrobe and how feisty she looks rocking tutus and leather jackets.

Suri Cruise

While Katie Holmes usually flies under the radar, the moment Suri was born, all eyes were on her. She is perfect. When Suri isn’t rocking a Zac Posen hat, she is hanging out with Hillary Clinton, channeling her inner artist with spray paint, or playing dress up with her cool mom.


Miley Cyrus

Even though Miley is a successful celebrity in her own right, she is technically the daughter of a famous country singer, so she had to be on this list. Billy Ray Cyrus might be an odd guy, but Miley is SO much more unpredictable, which obviously makes her cooler.


Penelope Disick

All three of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick’s kids are amazing and make us light up when they appear on their family’s reality show, but Penelope is the showstopper. She plays dress up, is basically a celebrity princess, and is so lovable.

Harper and Gideon Burtka-Harris

While both Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka are pretty impressive in the celebrity category, their twins Harper and Gideon are just too much cuteness to handle. Whether it’s fully embracing holiday dress up days or posing with random foods, these two celebrity kids are full of personality. Plus, it’s not Halloween until you see the twins’ costumes.

Ava Phillippe

Okay, we all know Reese Witherspoon is one of the most amazing people ever, but we just love Ava. We had to include her on this list because she is a total badass who can rock any color hair.

Maxwell Drew Johnson

Jessica Simpson’s daughter is the definition of sassy. She rocks designer duds, has gorgeous hair that we’d kill for, and she knows how to pose. Sorry Jess, but your baby girl is giving you a run for your money on the fabulous scale.

Riley Curry

Riley is the oldest child of Golden State Warriors basketball star Stephen Curry, and she is a hoot. We all know that Steph is a BIG deal in basketball, but it’s the press conferences after the games that we all wait to watch, because they usually feature Riley. She is a scene-stealer who knows exactly what to say to the press.

Prince George

If celebrity kids are cool, celebrity royalty is even cooler! His father might be the future king of England, but George is the one who’s stolen our hearts. Remember when he met President Obama in a bathrobe? It was brilliant!

Which celebrity kids are your favorite?

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