This compilation of celebrities impersonating other celebrities is pure magic

We love a good celebrity impersonation — especially when it’s done by another celebrity. Actors like Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch are so well-known for it that they’re constantly asked to pull out their impressions when they hit up the talk show circuit. Graham Norton in particular gets a huge kick out of celeb impersonations (including Hiddleston and Cumberbatch’s impressions of Norton himself), as evidenced by this compilation video of his guests giving it their all.

This is a lot to process. We were aware of the talents of a lot of these stars, but who knew Ryan Reynolds could do such a killer “In a world…”-style voiceover? (Though it actually makes a lot of sense that he’d be a master of voices, what with all the voices he did in his movie, um, The Voices.)

Will Ferrell, in turn, does an amazing Harrison Ford (which Steve Carell clearly loves), while Jamie Foxx shows off his very quiet Tom Cruise.

The video also features celebs trying out various accents, which means we see clips of a little baby Bieber and Chris Pratt trying on an English accents, as well as Julie Walters rapping. (Can we get her together with Emma Watson and have them form a Harry Potter-themed hip-hop duo please?)


At this point we’re just waiting for an impersonation version of Lip Sync Battle so we can see Cumberbatch and Hiddleston go head-to-head. They have a fair amount of overlap in their respective repertoire, and Cumberbatch has a pretty decent Hiddleston impression — now we just need to see Hiddleston’s Cumberbatch (because you know he does a Cumberbatch).