Celebrity hairstylist Kristin Ess tells us the four hair trends that will be hot for 2018

If we could dub someone the high priestess of hair, it would be Kristin Ess. As the originator of the legendary lob, mother of Instagram hair tutorials, and the go-to hairstylist for Lucy Hale and Jenna Dewan Tatum, Ess is who we can always count on when it comes to the next big thing in hair.

In January 2017, she debuted her eponymous hair care line with Target, a millennial pink offering of well-formulated products at an accessible price point. If you’ve been lucky to get your hands on it, you already know it is the real deal. Now, the beloved hairstylist has dropped a brand-new, 11-piece collection featuring everything you could possibly think of, no matter what your hair type is.

Are you planning on going blonde? Ess made purple shampoo and conditioner to help combat brassy tones. Do you want some pink in your hair but aren’t ready to go full-on Jem and the Holograms? There’s temporary hair tint in — wait for it — rose gold. And then there’s the Anytime Anywhere Recovery Balm, a castor and coconut oil formula in stick form that Ess refers to as “the sheet mask of haircare.” Loves it.

It’s not just new hair products to be excited about. Ess blessed us with her supernatural stylist knowledge by giving us the lowdown on what will be the hottest trends for hair in 2018.


No hair dryers:

If you’re a habitual blow dryer user, Ess has some bad news for you. This year is going to be all about the air dry. “Natural texture is everything, and having the right cut for your hair texture is key.” She advises to ask your hairstylist what cut would best serve your natural air-dried texture. “Some people think they can’t pull off a more natch look, but more often, the shape of their cut doesn’t bring out the best of their wave or curl patterns, and ends up causing frizz or flatness.” Duly noted.

Bobs and bangs:

Next on Ess’s list are chin-length bobs with short bangs. “French AF,” she says. “We saw a little bit of that last year, but I think people who were too intimidated will end up going for it in 2018.” It’s not for the faint of heart, fringe-wise. Ess says that it’s all about making the bangs super short. “If they’re too long and paired with a bob, it can close your face off and feel wig-gy. This is going to be a super-chic trend for those who dare.”


According to Ess, we’ll be seeing more full afros, thanks in part to celebs like Yara Shahidi and Nathalie Emmanuel. “The natural hair texture movement took the world by storm over the last couple years and now all that cropped, natural hair has GROWN,” says Ess. “It’s the most beautiful texture when coiled and even more so when picked out, and I hope to see that glow non-stop this year.”

The anti-top knot:

Last but not least is sleek buns. “I’m talking Robert Palmer “Simply Irresistible,” glossy, tight, shiny buns,” explains Ess. She calls this a no-fuss way to look “chic as hell.” Plus, it’s quick. “Anyone can do this, it’s so easy. That reminds me, I need to do a tutorial for that!” A hairstyle that is perfect for lazy days when we don’t want to wash our hair? We’ll be needing that tutorial, no doubt.

Shop the new Kristin Ess collection at Target.

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