Celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin is coming out with hair vitamins that will cover every kind of hair issue

One of the current biggest intersections of health and beauty trends is the increase in beauty supplements. Now we can buy specially formulated vitamins and powders that claim to do everything from boost hair growth to calming our skin. The latest on the market are Jen Atkin’s Ouai hair supplements, which were just announced on Instagram this week!

The wildly popular celebrity hairstylist Atkin partnered up with a Dr. Lamees Hamdan to create three different Ouai hair supplements specially formulated for your hair needs: oily, thinning and dry. So whether you are attempting to chill out oily hair with Green Tea, you want to restore distressed thinning hair with ashwagandha extract, or you need to infuse some Vitamin E and omega 3s into dry hair. Atkin will be releasing three separate supplements to boost your hair health!

Word on the street is they’ll be available as soon as April 7th!

We still don’t know the price range yet, but hopefully, we’ll get more info on that before the launch.

Naturally, Huda Kattan helped spread the good word to the legions of thirsty Instagram followers.


This is very fitting since the women are close enough for Atkin to cut Kattan’s hair with office scissors. That is trust at its most terrifying.

Now we’ll be able to infuse our locks with vitamins in just a few weeks time!