Celebrity lawyer Laura Wasser launched a website that allows you to divorce your partner online

There’s no easy way to break up with someone. And divorcing a partner is even more challenging. Luckily, celebrity divorce attorney Laura Wasser is here to help us all through the breakup process.

Today, January 25th, Wasser is launching the site “It’s Over Easy,” where couples can divorce over the internet rather than having to hire attorneys or go to court. Right now, Wasser’s website is available to couples in New York County and California. Couples can use It’s Over Easy to settle divorces, property divisions, and child custody arrangements.

The process of divorcing via the site is fairly simple. One spouse creates an account and files both the divorce petition and accompanying forms with the court. They will also pay the required filing fee. They can then serve their spouse with the divorce petition.

The other spouse then responds to the petition through the court. Next, the couple can begin figuring out the terms of the divorce, including property division, support, and child custody. Once terms are agreed upon, the couple writes a settlement agreement and files it with the court. The court will approve the terms and the divorce will be finalized.

Wasser, who has represented stars like Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, and Christina Aguilera, said she combined her love for online shopping with couples’ requests for an easier and cheaper alternative to the standard divorce procedure. This is what led her to create It’s Over Easy, according to CBS Sacramento.

While going through a divorce, either online or through attorneys, Wasser told CBS Sacramento that it’s important for couples to remember the positive things that came out of their relationship while moving forward:

"Try to get back to them and realize that there is something good that did come out of your relationship. Focus on that and try to find a way forward. It’s so much better for your emotional health to be able to do it that way."

Pricing for It’s Over Easy divorce services ranges from $750 to $2,500, depending on which services you choose to buy.

It’s Over Easy just made the process of divorce much less daunting and much more affordable.

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