So, it turns out all these celebrities share the same wigs

There are not that many beauty secrets that can shock us anymore. That is until a bombshell was dropped on us this week. It turns out that celebrities share the same wigs. To sum up: everything you thought you knew is a lie.

Celebs never wear the same thing twice, right? Famous people pride themselves on being original and setting trends for the rest of us normals. Not to mention the teams of stylists who are at their beck and call to make that statement into a reality. Well, it turns out that some of your favorite celebs are sharing wigs.

  As shown above, your world is different now. Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and even Shay Mitchell swap wigs every once in a while. That’s right, Kim Kardashian swaps her wigs! She may have broken the internet with a photo of her butt, but she’s blowing our minds with this revelation.

As Refinery29 points out, big name celebrities share the same wigs because they share the same hairstylist named Christopher Appleton. He happens to be a big fan of wigs. On the whole, wigs are awesome! Since celebrities are constantly changing their looks for events, wigs allow for dramatic transformations without damage to actual hair. Why do you think celebs have short hair at one movie premiere and long hair at another?

Because celebs love Christopher Appleton and Appleton loves wigs, by the transitive property — celebs love wigs. Appleton has a huge collection that he lends to his clients — and other celeb hairstylists do the same. Some wigs can appear on the heads of multiple people throughout the month. As if we needed more of a reason to obsessively check red carpet photographs even more closely now.

So if you weren’t blessed with a perfect head of hair, you might want to take a page out of these celebrities’ books. Grab a wig and go!