Celebrities in ramen is Instagram’s new gift to the world

Yesterday, we were giggling about Instagram husbands — that is, people whose sole purpose is to take cute pics of their significant other for Instagram. And now, we’re scratching our heads over the latest soon-to-be-viral Instagram account: Celebrities in ramen. Yeah, seriously.

UK-based writer and editor Josh Josh Jones is all about producing quality content. He even thinks about it when he’s drunk — which is exactly how he came up with the idea of creating the bizarre-yet-hilarious Instagram @Celebrities_In_Ramen, which is entirely devoted to, well, celebs chillin’ out in a steaming bowl of ramen.

No, it’s not like he called up Taylor Swift and asked her to pose in a bowl of savory soup. In a fit of creative inspiration, Josh Photoshopped celebs reclining in bowls of soup, because hey, why not. And since the account’s creation, he’s earned over 5,000 followers and counting.

Did you know that in his spare time, The Rock likes swimming in chicken broth with dogs? Now you know.

Khaleesi is always protecting her dragon egg.

Daniel Craig still looks badass in a bowl of ramen, ICYWW.

And Rihanna doesn’t just float in ramen — she takes it a step farther and snorkels in it, because obviously.

Even the royals are all about dat ramen!

To see more of the bizarre genius of Josh Josh Jones, check out the Instagram account here, and prepare to get very hungry for ramen.

(Images via Instagram.)

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