Celebrities and politicians alike are speaking out about Charlottesville

After the terrible events that took place at yesterday’s white supremacy rally in Charlottesville, many leaders in our communities, like former president Barack Obama, are stepping forward to speak out and denounce what happened. And though President Trump condemned the violence that took place, many were not impressed with his statement that there was violence on both sides — and that he neglected to specifically condemn the hate groups involved. A further statement released by the White House named the KKK and white supremacists as perpetrators of the violence, but the statement didn’t come from the President himself, and plenty of people still thought it wasn’t enough.

Luckily, others are speaking out about Charlottesville.

And they have important messages about how we can move forwards. One of the most poignant came from Hillary Clinton, who pressed Americans to consider how this could’ve happened here — and how we can make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Across the aisle, politicians from both major parties were speaking out and speaking up.

And celebrities weren’t ones to be outdone.

And many of them, like Hillary Clinton, went beyond rejecting this specific instance of hatred and violence and insisted on addressing the larger issue of its continued existence. false


While we all wish we could say, “This is not America,” and mean it, the unfortunate reality is that the white supremacists from yesterday’s rally are American and they do live in America. If we don’t own and acknowledge that, we can’t properly address it moving forward.

Let’s hope that, from here on out, we can confront racism, nationalism, and discrimination when we first see it, instead of waiting for it to boil over like it did in Charlottesville.