Celebs are as obsessed with Pokémon Go as the rest of us

It’s official: Pokémon Go has taken over the world.

If it seems like everyone around you is playing, well, it’s because pretty much they are. And that includes celebrities.

Yes, even the most famous people on the planet have used 10+ Pokéballs trying to catch a wild Squirtle, only to have it dash off in a fit of mystery.

Kind of humbling, right? Here are the celebs that are just as Pokémon Go-obsessed as the rest of us. You never know who you’ll see on your quest to catch ‘em all!

Chrissy Teigen

The model/chef/mom tried Pokémon Go, and even found a wild Venonat while watching old episodes of The Office.


She announced her retirement only two days later.


Jimmy Fallon

Apparently when Fallon was still learning the ropes of Pokémon Go, he accidentally coaxed over 100 teens to his doorstep. But they weren’t there to see him—they were there to catch Pokémon, because he set up a lure without realizing other people could see it!

He also proposed this deal on Twitter, hoping to get something in exchange for all of the Zubats he has.

John Mayer

Oh, John, you’ve done it now. The singer posted a hilarious screen grab of his $99.99 purchase of PokéCoins. That’s some serious dedication to the game!

Trevor Noah

We feel you on this, Trevor. We feel so you so much.

Ellen Degeneres

We aren’t actually sure if this is from Pokémon Go or just some cute and clever Photoshopping, but it doesn’t matter. We heart this selfie Ellen posted of her, Portia, and Bulbasaur.

Justin Bieber

For once, the Biebs can walk around in a crowd of people without being recognized. His manager Scooter Braun posted this video of Justin blending into the crowd along with the rest of the Pokémasters on the hunt.

Fred Savage


When he was guest hosting “LIVE with Kelly,” the actor/director shared a hilarious story about how quickly he got hooked on the game. One night he walked around New York catching Pokémon—well past midnight—until his phone died.

The Jonas Brothers

Nick, Kevin, and Joe are all in on the game. Bonus: Demi Lovato is, too!

Kendra Wilkinson

We’ve all heard the news stories about people injuring themselves or bumping into something while playing Pokémon Go, but we can always use one more reminder. Thanks, Kendra.

Mark Hoppus


This rocker likes the game so much, he even temporarily (?) changed his name to Pokédad Go.

Evanna Lynch


And finally, this question from Evanna Lynch will have you pondering life for the rest of the day.