Celebrating ‘GIRLS’: A Collection of Parodies

GIRLS has gotten more than its share of scrutiny since it debuted in 2012. It’s a divisive show about which everyone and their mother has an opinion. However, one thing everyone can agree on is that the show is rife for the parodying. Whether you love it or hate it, Lena Dunham has provided loads of fuel for the fire to make fun of her and her show – even SNL tackled the program, with Tina Fey playing the magnificent Blerta. And Lena was honored, as she should be. She has inspired legions of spoofs and I’ve gathered the best of the best. Whether you’re hunting for a parody that makes fun  immature twenty somethings with shallow problems in the big city, Hannah’s inability to keep her clothes on, or the troublesome romantic entanglements within Lena’s New York – the internet has something for everyone!  So take a look and get angry, get happy, and get working on your own imitation.





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LA Girls




Girls Season 38


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