This is exactly how each zodiac sign should celebrate the Summer Solstice

Oh, what a time to be alive. The Summer Solstice takes place on June 21st, which is a special celebration for a number of reasons. Not only does it kick off the start of summer and Cancer season, but it’s also the longest day of the year — meaning there’s a little bit more time to squeeze in fun with friends and family while you set your intentions for the new season.

To get an idea of what kind of vibe this special day will bring, it’s useful to remember that Cancer season brings forth emotional and feminine energies — think “allowing” things to happen rather than forcing them, as well as the deep desire to connect with our loved ones — while summer brings forth a more relaxed and playful attitude. Put them together and you have one amazing opportunity to spend the Summer Solstice with your nearest and dearest in your own unique way.

Here’s how you should celebrate this summer milestone, according your zodiac sign.


Tonight is the perfect time to connect to your inner temple, Aries. What do you most desire this summer in the deepest depths of your heart? The cosmos want you to replace ego with soulful searching. Journal, meditate, and chant all that you wish to expand upon.


You need to be around people today, Taurus. You’re feeling a little lonely lately, which means you need your tribe more than ever. Invite your friends and fam over for a nacho night or you fave comfort food, and don’t forget to laugh. A lot.


It’s time to return to nature, Gemini. Nature is known to heal and soothe and give us the answers we seek, which is where you’re at right now. Today would be a great day to go hiking or indulge in some forest bathing, or whatever it is that gets you closer to Mother Earth.


You’re being called to do something special today, Cancer. It IS the start of your birthday season, after all. So what is it that causes your soul to sing? What lights you up? Whatever that is, do that. And don’t forget to invite your loved ones, because you’re all about family.


You don’t need an excuse to express yourself, Leo, so why should Summer Solstice be any different? Today’s the day to show off your talents. Maybe it’s presenting a much-loved creative project or showing off on the dance floor. It’s all about heeding the call of that lioness roar.


This is the ideal day to rest and retreat, Virgo. Your mind has been racing lately, and you need to return to yourself. Call it a Netflix night or maybe you’ll want to journal your current feelings and thoughts. Do whatever it is that helps you refuel and recharge.


Indulge and soothe yourself today, Libra. The Universe wants you to do some serious self-care and nurturing right now. Self-care can be something as luxe as a bubble bath and a pedi, or something as necessary as catching up on much-needed chores. If you do the latter, don’t forget to treat yourself after.


Connect with your soul sisters tonight, Scorpio. You’re undergoing a transition right now, and though transformations feel lonely at times, they don’t have to be solo adventures. Call on your besties and have yourself a girls’ night. Wine, movies, chocolate, and, most of all, love.


Time for adventure, Sag. If you needed a sign to try something new and take that leap, this would be it. It could be anything from trying out a new activity or hobby or even saying yes to a date with that new cutie in your life. This is your day for new beginnings.


You’re headed for greatness, Capricorn. Things are a’changing around you, which is why today is the perfect day to take things slowly and welcome the transformations that are happening around you. Take this time to try out a new fitness class to balance out your energy.


You’ve been a lone wolf lately, Aquarius, so now is the time to be around people again. Say yes to invites from your soul family or plan your own get-together with your favorite people. Since you love exploring your creativity, you might want to experiment with a group painting project. Anything to get you out of your head.


Being the fish that you are, Pisces, you’re being called toward the water. Which is basically perfect because summer is the best time to dive in and cool off. Maybe you’ll want to venture to your local beach or plan a pool party with your besties. Whatever gets you closer to your natural home, the better you’ll feel.

Today’s a magical day, bbs. Heed the call of your soul and have yourself a fantastic and blessed Summer Solstice.

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