Celebrate International Women’s Day with these 43 woman-owned beauty brands

While there are numerous ways to support the women in your life this International Women’s Day, supporting women-owned brands is one of the most consistent and palpable ways to promote financial equality. Since we’re huge fans of discovering both new and classic beauty brands, we figured one of the best ways to celebrate the holiday is by signal boosting our favorite women-owned beauty brands.

With a comprehensive knowledge of the best women-run brands, you’ll be able to stock up on all the skin care goodies and trendy makeup products you’ve got your heart set on, except your hard-earned money will be supporting women. This is a noble way to refill the makeup drawer. While calling it noble might be a stretch, we do have confidence you’ll love seeing how many incredible brands are founded by women.

So, without further adieu, here are 43 women-owned beauty brands to have on your radar.

1Drunk Elephant

After dealing with sensitive and irritable skin for years, Drunk Elephant founder Tiffany Masterson took matters into her own hands and started creating natural and fragrance-free products that use a few robust ingredients. We love the cantaloupe-infused Beste No 9 Jelly Cleanser ($34).



Founder Victoria Tsai’s struggles with acute dermatitis launched her on a journey to dig into the minimalist Japanese beauty secrets that sit at the center of Tatcha. Her meticulous devotion is apparent to anyone who has primed their skin with The Silk Canvas ($52).


In 2002, professional makeup artist Rea Ann Silva conceived the design for the BeautyBlender as a brilliant way to simplify makeup application. While the concept has grown into a full brand we’ll always stay faithful to The Original BeautyBlender ($20).

4Kat Von D Beauty


The vegan and cruelty-free beauty queen, Kat Von D, launched her eponymous beauty brand in 2008 after becoming a household name for her LA Ink show. She first made waves as a tattoo artist and has quickly become an icon in the makeup world. While it’s hard to pick favorites, we’ll forever be fans of the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick line ($20).

5Beauty Bakerie

In 2011, Cashmere Nicole founded the delicious organic brand with the intention to create a creative and positive brand. Inspired both by her mother’s love of beauty, and her increased health consciousness after struggling with breast cancer, the brand truly serves up a double dose of sweetness in a bitter world. The Eyelash Icing Waterproof Mascara ($18) is a particular favorite of ours.

6Kate Somerville

Even if you’re not personally familiar with the brand, it’s likely you recognize Kate Somerville’s name from her work with high-profile celebrities. The veteran beauty guru has poured years of industry secrets into her skin care line, and we can tell every time we use the Tight’N Cryogenic Skin Tightening Gel ($125).

7Charlotte Tilbury

From age 13, Charlotte Tilbury knew she wanted to work in the beauty industry. After training at the Glauca Rossi School of Makeup in London, Tilbury jumped into the world of makeup artistry amidst the ’90s boom of supermodels. Now, her brand is a household name, and we can’t keep our hands off the Hollywood Lips Charlotte Darling Liquid Lipstick ($34).

8Joanna Vargas

Joanna Vargas launched her namesake skin care collection after firmly establishing herself as the go-to celebrity facialist. We completely feel the spa treatment whenever we treat ourselves to the deep conditioning Twilight Face Mask ($75).


Ouai means yes, which completely sums up how we felt when the Kardashian’s go-to stylist, Jen Atkin, launched her haircare line. We’re huge fans of using the Repair Shampoo ($28) when our hair needs a boost.

10Soko Glam

In 2012, Charlotte Cho launched the brand Soko Glam as a manifestation of both of her favorite K-beauty secrets and positive aspects of Western skin care. The result has left beauty fans glowing, and we’re super keen on the Best of K-beauty Essentials Set ($85).

11Honest Beauty


Actress Jessica Alba founded Honest Beauty when she saw a need for responsible, transparent brands. The Falling For You Makeup Palette ($35) is one of our favorites from the brand.

12Mally Beauty

Celebrity makeup artist, Mally Roncal, launched Mally Beauty with the knowledge her parents instilled in her at a young age: “what makes you different is also what makes you beautiful.” Naturally, we agree with that mantra, and we also agree with how fairylike we look when wearing the Effortlessly Airbrushed Highlighter ($24).

13Bésame Cosmetics


In 2004, the artist, cosmetic historian, and designer Gabriela Hernandez founded Bésame Cosmetics. The vintage-inspired makeup brand’s recreations of luxury makeup from the 1920s, ’30s, ’40s, and ’50s make us feel like old-time movie stars. We’re particularly hooked on the 1920s Brown Cake Mascara ($25).

14Lipstick Queen

Poppy King’s name is as glamorous as her lifestyle, so it only makes sense the lifelong beauty lover, author, and entrepreneur launched a brand dedicated to the boldest and brightest lip colors. While we’re fans of several of the shades, the Hello Sailor Berry Lip Stain ($25) packs a special punch.



The beauty world was under vlogger Huda Kattan’s spell long before she launched her namesake brand, so it only makes sense we love her makeup as much as her videos. Per the name, the Obsessions Palette in Electric ($27) is an audacious spread of colors that feel perfect for the club, which we love.

16Josie Maran


The model and actress Josie Maran launched her eponymous brand as a way to share her love of all things argan oil with the world, and we’re more blessed for it. The Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter ($35) is a go-to if you have dry skin.

17Anastasia Beverly Hills

After successfully running a salon for three years, Anastasia Soare took the leap to launch a brand dedicated to the concept of The Golden Ratio Eyebrow Shaping Method and the eye products that can help us achieve this look. To that end, we’re huge fans of the Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette ($42).

18Kora Organics

The former Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr combined her love of beauty and nature to launch the comprehensive Kora Organics line. While there are lots goodies on the website, we’re particularly obsessed with the Heart Chakra Aromatherapy Oil ($48).


In 2016, the spa owner and avid derma-planner, Dara Levy, launched Dermaflash. She wanted to make derma-planing more accessible for women across the financial spectrum. Plus, doing it at home is so much more fun! If you’re ready to take the leap into a new hair removal method, we recommend you give the Dermaflash 2.0 ($189) a try.

20Edible Beauty

The naturopath and nutritionist Anna Mitsios launched Edible Beauty with the sole intention of creating a luxury botanic brand that is equally safe and effective. Mitsios’ strong belief in the natural power of herbs shows in her formulas, and we feel the botanical goodness in the Goddess On The Go Balm ($27 AUD).

21Sigma Beauty

In 2009, Simone Xavier, a molecular bacteriologist and civil engineer, launched Sigma Beauty following the wild popularity of her pilot brush set. From there, the brand blew up. Now we can’t live without the Sheer Cover Brush Set ($56).

22It’s A 10 Haircare

Founder Carolyn Aronson made history as the CEO of the first indie hair care brand to land a National Super Bowl ad, and she also founded Kyana’s Dream Foundation (in her daughter’s honor) which focuses on providing emergency response for children in schools. We’re super into the Miracle Shampoo with Keratin ($12.33).

23Zss Skincare

After studying and thoroughly immersing herself in the world of nutritional science, holistic nutrition and natural health, Paula Simpson launch ZSS Skincare. It focuses on the beauty perks of nutritional supplements. The Clear Skin Supplement ($75) brings out all the benefits of her research.

24Ethique Beauty


Driven by her eco-conscious lifestyle and a desire to reduce waste, Brianne West founded Ethique Beauty. It’s the world’s first zero plastic, zero-waste brand, and the compostable packaging is cute to boot. We’re super into the Divine Jasmine and Ylang Ylang Body Butter ($14.53).

25NuMe Hair Tools

Within four years, Sabrina Maren became the CEO of a European hair tool, U.S. division. But by 2009, she decided it was time to launch her own line of hair styling tools, and NuMe was born. While we love the results many of NuMe’s tools give us. The Empress Hair Straightener ($145) is our fave for regular styling.

26A Complete Skin Care

Driven by both her love of beauty and philanthropy, Angelica Fuentes not only launched A Complete Skin Care as a brand for busy women, but she had pledged 6% of proceeds to the Angelica Fuentes Foundation. Her foundation partners with 27 organizations (including UN women) to provide access to education, rehabilitation from gendered violence, and farming programs in indigenous communities. We’re fans of the Highly Concentrated Youth Preserve Serum ($54).

27Dear by Renée Advanced Clinical Skincare

After committing years to extensive research in the professional skin care industry, Renee He put her knowledge to use by launching Dear By Rénee. She even has a master’s degree in Computer Science, which has come in handy. Whenever we feel blah, we like to brighten up with the Microdermabrasion Exfoliant Scrub ($49.95).

28Jane Iredale

After firmly establishing herself as a casting director and producer in both LA and New York, Jane Iredale shifted her focus towards nurturing her namesake brand of mineral-based cosmetics, skin care, and tools. While picking favorites is impossible, we love applying our makeup with the Flocked Sponge ($5.50).


Kay Zanotti is not only the CEO of Arbonne, but she’s pushed for female equity in the workforce by running a brand that has a 98% female sales force. We swear by the It’s A Fine Line Liquid Eyeliner ($27).

30The Mane Choice

After sharing her hair health journey with scores her YouTube followers, Courtney Adeleye decided it was time to launch a hair care line that addressed a myriad of crucial beauty concerns. The well-formulated products address everything from growth and retention to moisture and repair, and we’re head over heels for the Heavenly Halo Herbal Hair Tonic and Soy Milk Deep Hydration Shampoo ($15.99).


The late Annemarie Lindner was truly ahead of her time when she founded the ANNMARIE BÖRLIND skin care company in 1959 under the mantra: “If I can’t eat it, I won’t put it on my skin.” With a pure foundation of thermal spring water from the brand’s own well, all of the formulas are both gentle and effective and use only organic or wild-crafted, non-GMO, and sustainable raw materials. We particularly love the botanical goodness of the Rose Dew Cleansing Milk ($32.99).

32Nest Fragrances


In 2005, Laura Slatkin launched Nest Fragrances as a way to bring luxury scents to the home and body, and for that, we are deeply grateful. The Jasmine-infused Wisteria Blue Rollerball ($27) is a fabulous scent to invoke feelings of both calmness and freshness.


The CEO and co-founder of Eufora International, Beth Bewley, is a true Renaissance woman. Not only did she launch one of the fastest growing salon professional brands in the US, but she been actively involved in everything from marketing and distributor programs to educational curriculum, while still spearheading new product launches. Also, the Urgent Repair Treatment ($25) is a complete lifesaver during the drying winter months.

34Luna Noel


When Finn Jones and Lyndsey Johnson co-founded Luna Noel they had one intent purpose: to launch gorgeously scented, non-toxic products that wouldn’t disrupt your body’s natural balance. Luckily for us, their vision was successfully manifested in handcrafted perfumes that smell like a dream. The rose-infused Clouds Earth Mood Perfume ($75) is a favorite of ours.


After spending 20 years researching the effects of estrogenic and endocrine disrupting chemicals on the immune system, Dr. Ebru Karpuzoglu decided to pour her scientific discoveries into a 100% nature-derived skin care brand. Whenever our skin needs an extra boost of glow, we slather on the Honeyactive Beauty Mask ($76).

36Neveen Dominic Cosmetics

Neveen Dominic’s was inspired to launch her namesake beauty brand after experiencing colorism as a South Sudanese refugee, and witnessing many of her peers resort to skin bleaching. With her cosmetics, Neveen set out to create a brand that embraced the beauty of darker skin tones. We’re super into the smooth coverage of the High-Def Foundation ($40).

37Aphorism Skincare

After battling a bout of rare but curable cancer, Urvashi Singh set out on a journey to research the links between the toxic chemicals in cosmetics and disease triggers. This led her to launch a luxurious line of non-toxic skin care products, which blessed us with the radiant Bright As Day Serum ($79).


Founder Cassy Burnside successfully created a brand of Paleo-friendly and cruelty-free skin care products that are packaged and formulated for people on the go. We particularly love the Fat Stick ($10), which can be used to moisturize any area of your body.

39Crystal Hills

An Herbalist and Reiki Master Healer by trade, Crystal Hills founder Andrea Barone Sazwan is dedicated to harnessing the healing power of nature to create one-of-a-kind formulas that nourish our skin. We’re huge fans of the Crystal Dreams Body Serum ($58) after a long day.



Danuta Dudek launched Cotarde as a unisex, anti-pollution, and TSA-approved skin care brand for pilots, jet-setters, and people living an active lifestyle. To top off all of that, the packaging is mega cute. We’re super into the Daydream Mousse Cream ($64) when we need to feel suave while traveling.

41Mabrook & Co.

In 2014, Aliya Dhalla launched her brand of 100% natural and aluminum-free deodorant. The Clean Deodorant ($16) fully-harnesses the benefits of activated charcoal, baking soda, and sweet floral scents to bless our armpits with natural goodness.

42Winky Lux

Juice Beauty[/listheader]

When founder Karen Behnke got pregnant, she set off to learn more about personal care products. After discovering that the skin can absorb up to 60% of what is placed on it, she launched Juice Beauty in 2004. We’re huge fans of the Green Apple Age Defy Serum ($58).

We hope our selection of fabulous woman-owned brands inspires you to support female entrepreneurs this International Women’s Day.