These celebs took to the streets for Women’s Marches all across the country and our hearts are SO full of pride

In case you haven’t noticed, today’s Women’s March on Washington had an incredible turnout, with hundreds of thousands of women and allies showing up. And Washington, D.C. is just the start.

Huge crowds also gathered in Los Angeles and New York, not to mention the marches in cities like Boston, Denver, and Chicago. All around the world, women have gathered for marches and demonstrations that span all seven continents. Even in Antarctica, women are joining in.

Amongst those marchers, some of our favorite celebrities are taking a stand and speaking up. Stars like Zendaya, Emma Watson, Gina Rodriguez, Chrissy Teigen and more out on the streets, and the sight of them fighting with everyone else is making our hearts absolutely burst.

But we don’t want to speak for them, so here, in their own words and posts, are some of these amazing women using their platform to elevate the message. false

And that’s far from all of them. Many other celebs were spotted greeting fans and walking with their fellow protesters. false false

We’re so inspired by everyone who stood up and stepped out — and we’re so proud that our favorite celebrities are helping to bring attention to the cause.

But judging by all of the amazing tweets and incredible signs, this march wasn’t about to pass by quietly. And just look at the size of these crowds!

Every single person who got out and marched today is our hero — and we’re so glad some of our favorite stars were out with them.