These 4 Celeb Weddings of 2022 Will Give You All the Inspo

We're digging these special matrimonial moments.

After two years of postponed ceremonies and restrictions on gatherings, big celebrity weddings are back faster than we can say “It’s Britney, B*.” This year, we’ve been graced with dozens of stunning ceremonies and grand affairs (including the aforementioned pop star’s). From super traditional ceremonies to just big parties celebrating love, the elements and special touches that can be added to your special day are endless.

Wedding planner-to-the-stars Mindy Weiss (who recently planned Paris Hiltons swanky 3-day affair) told Bride’s Magazine that celebs would be glimpsing back in time for their ceremonies this year. Weiss predicted that “Old Hollywood” glam would be the big trend, and her prophecy seems to have come to fruition. We also saw the emergence of a somewhat, shall we say seedy trend – Vegas weddings.

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Here are 4 celebrity weddings that took place in 2022 that may inspire your own upcoming nuptials.

Jordan Kimball and Christina Creedon

Bachelor in Paradise star Jordan Kimball tied the knot with Christina Creedon at the beginning of the year in Houston, Texas. The couple embraced all the aspects of a traditional wedding and added a few sweet touches that made us swoon. While they did keep it classic when it came to their vows, they also exchanged letters an hour before they walked down the aisle. And that wasn’t the only sweet touch. At the reception they included an “anniversary” dance where married couples were asked to the dance floor while being slowly eliminated based on how long they’ve been together, leaving the bride’s grandparents last on the floor — to celebrate having been married for 73 years. Now that’s some serious long-lasting love.

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker

Okay okay, so maybe it’s not feasible for every bride to get three weddings, but it certainly does sound super special. The PDA-obsessed couple had one wedding in Vegas as “practice,” followed by a courthouse wedding in Santa Barbara to make it legal, before finally having a massive wedding in high-fashion goth-inspired wedding in Italy. That means three designer wedding dresses, three massive bouquets, and three celebrations of various levels—which seems like a ton of work, but also a hell of a way to celebrate your love.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Multiple weddings seem to totally be a thing if you’re a star, but rather than the focus of this Vegas wedding being a spontaneous tequila-fueled decision (we’re not judging you Kravis), it seems that J. Lo and Ben Affleck’s Vegas nuptials was a calculated and intimate moment meant just for them. The on-and-off-again couple then hosted a much larger and more extravagant wedding in Georgia weeks later. Sure, they stood in line with other couples and did the whole Vegas thing, but at the end of the day, she wore a lovely simple white dress that was from the set of Jersey Girl, which she and Affleck starred in together in 2004. We love that nod to their past and the beginnings of love they shared so many years ago.

Ross Mathews and Dr. Wellinthon Garcia

Married in May at the Almar Resort Luxury LGBT Beach Front Experience, these two lovebirds opted for a somewhat untraditional flower girl moment. Instead of the standard young gal, it was 47-year old gal pal Drew Barrymore tossing petals down the aisle as flower girl. Apparently, Drew asked if there would be a flower girl, Mathews asked if she wanted the gig, and she jumped at the opportunity. We’re all about incorporating your loved ones into your special day in any way that feels most magical to you.


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