Celeb hairstylist Jen Atkin is coming out with a dry shampoo foam and we are so curious

It’s officially 2017, which means we’ve finally gotten the whole dry shampoo thing down: Skip a wash, spray in roots, tousle for effortless-I-woke-up-like-this texture, and go. But just when we thought we had explored all our shower-free-hair-washing options, something comes along to change the game. Ladies, meet dry shampoo foam. We’re not totally sure how it’s going to work, but we’re pretty sure it’ll be awesome.

Jen Atkin, the hairstylist to the stars and creator of so-trendy-it-hurts haircare line Ouai, shared a sneak peek at the soon-to-launch foam, and we’re officially intrigued! Ouai’s products have gained quite the following thanks to their ability to give that really on trend second day hair look, and we imagine this product will be no different.

It’s kind of crazy to think about — we envision this as having a mousse-like texture, and we often associate hair mousse with very “done” pageant-girl locks. With that being said, we suspect this particular dry shampoo will be more in line with Atkin’s signature “cool girl” vibe.

We have so many questions (like, will this stuff dissolve right into dry hair the way sprays do? Will it be as absorbent?) but luckily, we won’t have to wait too long to find out. According to the post, this is set to drop on January 13!

In the meantime, we have this handy little video, which shows the founder giving the foam a go. Looks pretty sweet, right?

We’re calling it now: This is going to be a gym bag staple.

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