CBS released another colorized version of this classic black-and-white show

If you happened to tune into CBS last night, you would have seen something you’ve probably never seen before: I Love Lucy in full color. As a Christmas treat, the network aired two episodes, “The Christmas Episode” and “Lucy Does a TV Commercial” (which has never been included in regular reruns), to celebrate the approaching holiday. They took things up another notch by remastering these usually black-and-white episodes in full color, giving fans a whole new way to see their favorite characters.

This isn’t the first time CBS has given us this particular novelty. They’ve made a habit of colorizing our favorite episodes of the show and releasing them around Christmas time. However, this year is the first time we saw “Lucy Does a TV Commercial” in all its multicolor glory.

It’s kind of hard to imagine that this classic show could ever be anything other than grainy black-and-white. That’s almost a part of its charm! However, remastering it in color shows that while its technology may be dated, the content certainly isn’t. Now fully remastered, it looks right at home amongst the other TV offerings of 2015.

Here’s what last year’s special looked like:

And head over to the I Love Lucy Facebook page to see clips of the most recent rendition.

If you weren’t able to catch the shows when they aired last night, CBS All Access subscribers can watch the full thing online—and tell those of us who aren’t just how great it is.

(Image via CBS)

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