Happy Caturday! These sleepy cats will let you put anything on them

Behold: divine secrets of the meow meow brotherhood. “Shiro Neko Shiro” (Shiro the white cat), Shiro and his buddies love chilling out. All day. EVERYDAY. In fact, you can put anything on their heads or arms and they won’t budge. Seriously. Can you blame them? If we had no jobs or social obligations, wouldn’t we nap under fruits all day? Just observe this video, and you’ll see what we mean.

The Kago Nekos (“Basket Cats”) live in Iwate prefecture, Japan, but that’s about all we know. The intense friendship and laid-back lifestyles of the sextet (Shiro, Chatora, Chibi brothers, Mimi and the newest member, Kuro) have gained a huge following domestically and around the world. The anonymous owner updates their blog daily with photos and videos overflowing with cuteness! Two of their Facebook pages have 15000+ likes combined, they have three published photo books, and they even have an official song sung by J-pop singer, Nobumasa Makoto!

Now get to know them. According to their blog:

 This is Shiro. Born March 8, 2002. 12 years old. Boy. 4.5kg, 70cm tall. He’s the leader of the gang. He knows it.

This is Chatora (Brown Tiger) chillin. Born April 2007. Boy. 7 years old.

But he deserves it because 20 minutes earlier. . .

Here are the inseparatable Chibi brothers. Born April 2008. Boys. 6 years old.

They don’t mind the others though:

This is Mimi with his strawberry sake. Born May 2012. Boy. 2 years old.

He doesn’t need as much attention as the others.

And this is baby Kuro. Born July 2013.

Now whenever you’re stressed, imagine these baskets. You’re welcome.

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