Cats who are deeply afraid of cucumbers—it’s a thing

A new video from YouTube user MrFunnyMals has us busting out our heart eyes cat emojis. It’s a cat video, obviously. (The best ones always are, amirite?) Specifically, the vid features two minutes of cats getting spooked by…(wait for it)…cucumbers.

Yep, you heard me. Cucumbers.

OK, in defense of the fraidy cats, these cucumbers seem awfully sneaky. I mean, as sneaky as a piece of fruit can be. (Yes, cucumbers are a fruit, not a veggie. Mind = blown.) But seriously, they sort of look like they’re sneaking up on the cats. When was the last time you saw one just lying on the ground like that? I know. Never. All I’m saying is that if I were standing at the kitchen counter and I suddenly turned around and there was a cucumber just lying there on the floor right behind me, I might freak a little, too. There would be less hissing and meowing involved, but still some general freaking out. (Don’t judge me, guys. You know you would be scared if you were being stalked by produce from the grocery store.) Have you ever heard of the movie Attack of the Killer Tomatoes? I rest my case.

Of course this still doesn’t explain the cats in the video who are opposed to cucumbers just sitting on the kitchen counter. And there are definitely a couple of these guys on screen. We see you, cucumber-phobic cats. We don’t really understand you, but we see you.

[Image and video via YouTube.]