We Found the Many, Many Cats of Kickstarter

Cats have taken over Kickstarter. At the very least, they’re making their presence known on the fundraising site in a major way. One of the most successful projects right now on Kickstarter is a cat project is called One Fast Cat.

Basically, One Fast Cat is a giant hamster wheel for cats. Because why would a cat need a stationary wheel? The creators argue that because a cat is really meant to be out hunting and running around in the wild, we cat owners are not doing their physique justice by keeping them cooped up inside a house. One Fast Cat allows cats to release all that pent-up energy. We don’t know about cats, but people are really into this idea—the project has already raised over $250,000.

And that’s not the only creative cat concept coming out of Kickstarter. Here are 12 more cat-inspired projects on the site right now.

1. Cat Hat

Someone is taking The Cat in the Hat way too seriously. The description for this Kickstarter is pretty adorable though: “We decided to make a hat for our cat. She’s too pretty not to wear something on her head. We figured a hat was the perfect solution.” Awww. The pledge of a $10 goal has sadly not been met at all.

2. Cat Capes!

I mean, if you think about it, a cape for a cat makes sense. Cats like to climb on top of book shelves and cabinets, so that from their vantage point, they can stalk us. However, they need to jump down all the time, right? A cape would ease this flight! Maybe. I don’t know. I got a C in physics, so you tell me. Cat Capes needs $250, and they’re only at $25, so they’ve got ways to go.

3. Cat dresses

It’s cold in some places of the world, and some cats have very thin fur! This project would help keep Vori the rescue kitten warm and cozy in Australia. All Vori needs is $55, and she’s almost halfway there.

4. Nacho Cat

A person exists who wants your money to help make cat-shaped nachos. I kid you not. I love nachos, but I’m unsure of how I feel about eating nachos in the shape of a cat. Nacho Cat needs $50, so back this project in the name of nachos. I understand if it’s NACHO problem.

5. Cat Condos For People With Problems

Basically this is a cage made of wood, and I would feel really sad if a cat had to live in one of these because they are so small and confining. The idea behind this creation is that if you somehow don’t want your cat anymore, you can just have it live in its “cat condo” instead of bringing it to the shelter. Honestly, if you can’t own a cat, then don’t get a cat! This project needs $1,000, but I don’t see it going very far.

6. Cat Adventure Book

I mean, if you own a cat, you might as well profit from it, right? The owner of three cats (Meo, Cleo, and Cat #2) wants to document their adventures as mouse-catching entrepreneurs. The $1,100 the project needs will fund illustrating, writing, and advertising.

7. Catbatdog

Uhh. . .Someone has been reading Frankenstein a little too literally. Catbatdog aims to combine a cat, a bat, and a dog into one horrifying frankenanimal. The pledge is 400 pounds (about $800 US dollars). Let’s hope this stays a pipe nightmare.

8. Cat Bathroom Décor

If you own a cat, then you know its litter box is a sacred space. Cats like their bathrooms to be completely zen. This Kickstarter gives YOU the opportunity to join your cat’s bathroom enthusiasms with a matching toilet lid and bathroom rug! It’s not a litter box because, hello we’re human, but it’s the next best thing!

9. Cat Maps: I Know Where Your Cat Lives

It’s kind of like I Know What You Did Last Summer, but with cats. This Kickstarter can find any cat meme, video, or gif, “locating them by the latitude and longitude coordinates embedded in their metadata.” Basically, this project (which has 139 backers who have funded $1,000 over the pledged goal) will allow you to stalk cats online. Amazing.

10. Tiny Kitty: America’s Next Top Cat Model

Tiny Kitty was destined to be a model. She’s incredibly photogenic, flexible, and knows how to WORK IT. The Tiny Kitty Kickstarter shall fund the creation of Tiny Kitty’s modeling shots for your viewing pleasure. Tiny Kitty needs construction paper for props, Amazon fees, costumes, and kitty treats, of course. One of Tiny Kitty’s Facebook fans commented, “TK is cuter than a baby rabbit sitting in a teacup.” The Internet agrees, because it funded about $350 more than what TK needed.

11. Kombat Kittens

This card game is all about kittens in armor who fight for their lives and honor! If you want to play it, you probably can. The project was successfully funded by 655 backers who raised $25,650 (with a goal of $7,500). That’s not bad for a deck of cards with cats on it.

12. Watching Kittens Grow

We can’t decide if Watching Kittens Grow is the sweetest or most obsessive project on Kickstarter. The plan is to document every waking second of Luna and her litter of furry babies—for the Internet and posterity. The $800 needed would go towards camera equipment and “an unbelievable cat palace.” We can only imagine.

Images via, Kickstarter