Cats pushing things off counters, because #caturday

Cats are notorious for not caring much about anything other than their own agendas. They want fed NOW, clean water NOW, litter cleaned NOW, petted only when they decide, and aren’t interested in giving you the unconditional love you give them. They will love you when they want, how they want. These things are, in part, why I adore them so much. And if you have shelving, tables, desks, or countertops, it’s even more of a chore to keep a tidy house because obvs, they’re going to do whatever they can to entertain themselves. Here are some totally cool cats intent on making the most of their lazy #caturday.

If you were thinking of laying your things right there, just don’t.

It doesn’t matter what the object, your cat will move it where he or she pleases.

Some cats don’t even realize their jerkiness until it’s too late. #sorrynotsorry

“Oh, you brought me food? Let me just move that to the floor for you.”

FYI: Cats have an equal dislike of both brushes and calculators.

“Did you need your deodorant? Not anymore.”

Just move everything you have to the floor. Your cat would love to help you get started.

While it may seem cats don’t care, their indifference and dedication to tearing up the house could be construed as helpfulness. It’s possible these adorable felines are doing the thing they do best: making you smile.

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