Cats’ purrs have magical healing powers. We swear.

Seriously, what’s better than a warm, super-soft cat chilling on your lap and purring while you catch up on some R&R or Game of Thrones? If you’re a cat person, then you’re probably like, “absolutely nothing.” And guess what? You’re totally on to something. There’s actually a scientific reason why cat purrs are so weirdly comforting: They’re therapeutic and can be medically beneficial for a bunch of human ailments. So, basically cat purrs’ are MEDICINE? BRB — off to the Humane Society to adopt like five more kittens.

On a serious note, here’s the backed-by-science reason behind the benefits of a purring cat: According to Mental Floss, cat purrs create, “vibrations within a range 20-140 Hz, known to be medically therapeutic for many illnesses.” Mental Floss reports purrs can lower stress, decrease risk of heart-attack and symptoms of shortness of breath, help heal bones, infections, muscles, and more. Amazing.

If you don’t have access to a cat’s magical purrs, we’re betting it’s also therapeutic to stare at cute cat pictures*, so here are some. You are welcome.

Three kittens really not sure why they’re propped up in a teacup

This kitten is stalking your legs, obviously

We don’t know how these kittens got stuck in laundry, and they don’t know either

 Toasty the Kitten is ready for prom

I’m just a kitten, standing in front of some ducklings, asking them to love me

*This is not backed by science, sorry.

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