Those inexplicable things we do, just because we have cats

The truth is, cats are weird. They’re temperamental, fluffy, four-legged beings that alternate between pacing the perimeter of the house and taking luxuriously long naps. Dogs, on the other hand, are known for their constant tail-wags, eagerness to please, and general enthusiasm. And since cat people are not exclusive or discriminatory against any type of creature, I love both of these animals.

But, almost counter-intuitively (because I am anything but quiet, solitary, and regal), I am most accurately described as a cat person. I love their paws, distinct personalities, and the fact that they expect very little of you (except, of course, to bow down at their paws, give them treats, and pet them if and only if they permit you to).

Cats know when their people are sad and help them by enduring our cuddles a little longer than usual. They entertain their humans with their silly antics (sometimes entertaining people from all around the world via The Internet). They even provide free rodent control service when they aren’t feeling lazy.

In exchange for their hallowed presence, we cat people end up embracing a lot of strange, but necessary quirks of our own. They are as follows:

-Coaxing your kitty into your lap when watching TV or otherwise being sedentary

-Sometimes forgetting that you are with a cat and not another human

-Not giving an ef about fur all over your clothes

-An Instagram covered in cat pictures, which all look basically the same

-Enduring the pain of your kitty’s claws when they’re kneading your hair, because you know it’s all out of love

-Taking a great interest in watching (and envying) your cat when s/he sleeps

-Sometimes feeling self-conscious when you change in front of your cat, because they’re looking at you

-That sinking feeling when a friend tells you they are allergic

-Reading too much into your cat’s feelings when s/he ignores you. (But why?!)

-That intense desire to narrate your cat’s every move

-In moments of stress, wishing that you were a cat so that you wouldn’t have to deal with human problems

-Sometimes allowing your feline to convince you that s/he is a member of a royal family

-Attributing many personality traits to “being a cat person,” even those that have nothing to do with being a cat person. But whatever, we’re only human. (Too bad.) 

Cats who think they’re houseplants

Cats in weird positions

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