Cats with human mouths. Need we say more?

Look. You are either going to have a waking nightmare or laugh your face off watching this video, depending on what level of cat person you are. It’s just the way it’s going to go, OK? In celebration of reaching ten million followers on YouTube, Markiplier created what he deems “stupidest video I possibly could.” And it is phenomenal!

What does the “stupidest video” entail, exactly? Cats. Cats with human mouths. Cats with human mouths who talk and meow. Their interior life is everything you hope it might be. Highlights include: the kitten running up someone’s leg, and away from another cat, screaming, “No, no, no, no!”; the cat who sits silently and then says, “Am I a cat?” And, of course, the super creepy white cat who is obviously going to be the central character in the next installment of American Horror Story: Cats.

It’s a little trick called anthropomorphism: when we project human characteristics onto animals. It’s what makes them feel sympathy for sad, abandoned animals and why cats talking in the voice of a grown man is hilarious. Even better is when you catch a little glimpse of Markiplier’s whiskers. The human kind, not the animal kind.

If you enjoy the video, give it a thumbs up. He spent eight hours making it! We think it was worth every second.

(Image via YouTube)