Cats can get acne just like their human owners, and we have never felt so seen

Humans might be the only species completely mortified by breakouts, but we’re not the only ones suffering from them. Apparently, cats get acne just like their owners.

This is just another reason as to why your cat is your soulmate, they’re just like us. Refinery29 reports that cats get acne, too. They even have their own dermatologists. (Don’t flick your tail at that, they receive four more years of training after veterinary school.)

While other animals may experience inflammation of hair follicles that may look like pimples, cats get the real thing. Andrew Rosenberg, DVM, DACVD, at Riverdale Veterinary Dermatology explained to Refinery 29 that felines actually get blackheads and pustular whiteheads. Oh, kitties. We feel your pain.

According to Heather Peikes, VMD, Dipl. ACVD, at All Paws Dermatology and Allergy, the same factors that contribute to our breakouts can affect cats: stress, allergies, illness, and poor grooming.

Peikes shared some tips with Refinery29 on how to heal kitty zits, like switching from a plastic to a glass or stainless steel food bowl. Repeated exposure to a surface that more easily harbors bacteria can contribute to breakouts. (It’s the same idea behind changing your pillowcases often or washing your makeup brushes.)

Ah, the chin. A particularly acne-prone spot for anyone. (Cute nails on the human, too.)

That feeling when your breakouts make you want to hide inside all day.

Both derms recommend pet-safe medicated wipes to start, but also suggest asking your veterinarian for their professional advice.

One kitty’s skin care regimen.

Does your feline friend have troublesome skin? Get some support and share her story with the #catacne hashtag.

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