These sly cats can turn pretty much anything into a toy

There aren’t enough words to convey how much I heart cats. They’re soft, emotionally reserved (some say cold, but I don’t think so), and the sound of a purr could make flowers blossom. But the best part about these a-mew-zing felines is that they find pleasure in the simplest things. No fancy equipment or toys are necessary because they’ve got it covered. My youngest (cat, not child), has been known to sweep Legos under every kitchen appliance to an unreachable space and when that won’t do it, she steals socks to knock around until she loses one (because, why wouldn’t she?). My point is, there’s little they won’t play with. So next time you’re at the pet store pondering which feathery stick thingy to buy, forget it. Here’s proof that your favorite feline doesn’t need much more than what you already have at home to be entertained.

Door stoppers are actually super fun toys

Boxes can be crazy difficult puzzles

Fishing poles can totes be worthy opponents

Balloons are not just decorations, they’re your sworn enemies

Cats can use iPads too, didn’t you know?

Oh, did you need this toilet paper?

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