Catherine O’Hara’s 2021 Golden Globes Look Will Pay Tribute to Fashion Icon Moira Rose

We might miss the Schitt's Creek fashion as much as the one-liners.

Moira Rose is known for many things: her extreme arrogance, wide array of wigs, and witty retorts. But above all, Schitt’s Creek fans will remember Moira by her eclectic wardrobe. And it sounds like the IRL Moira, aka Catherine O’Hara, will be paying homage to her character (which earned her a Golden Globe nomination this year) at the virtual awards show this Sunday.

“With the last season of Schitt’s Creek and saying goodbye to the fashion icon of Moira Rose, the sendoff would probably be a little different if it was a full red carpet,” celebrity stylist Andrew Gelwicks explained during a recent virtual roundtable. “But we still want to be cognizant that it’s a celebration and be respectful to the Globes and the moment, so, we’ll still be dressing up, having fun, and giving that fabulous moment everyone wants to see.”

Moira Rose Catherine O'Hara Golden Globes

Might we expect feathers, loud prints, and a top hat, perhaps? Only time will tell. However, Gelwicks did tease that O’Hara’s 2021 Golden Globes look will be a farewell to the icon that is Moira Rose, so nothing is off the table. And while the actress’s style isn’t quite as elaborate as her character, O’Hara is known to lean into black-and-white ensembles that Moira would totally give her seal of approval.

catherine o'hara golden globes

“Catherine and I both like to have fun with fashion and to experiment and play,” Gelwicks explained. “To us, age isn’t a factor in that. We approach it in a way of what feels good in the moment. We like to play with color, but even if it’s black and white, we think, ‘how do we incorporate that into something that’s different or just feels untraditional?'”

Schitt’s Creek swept the 2020 Emmys, with O’Hara nabbing Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, so fans’ fingers are crossed that the show will snag some Golden Globes this weekend, too. We’ll be on the lookout for all the fun fashion moments in store, including O’Hara’s.

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