Cate Blanchett played the “Emotional Interview” game with Jimmy Fallon, and this is officially our new favorite thing

When you’ve been an actress as long as she has, you’ve probably been part of many difficult interviews. But with that type of practice, Cate Blanchett nailed the “Emotional Interview” game on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Fallon obviously saves this game for the pros, and since Blanchett has starred in pretty much all of your favorite movies (seriously, just look at her resume) she fit the bill perfectly.

The way the game is played? Well, Fallon and Blanchett talked to each other while trying to adapt to different, extreme situations. For example, they needed to keep the conversation going while acting like “exes who just ran into each other.” Each scenario needs to blend in a bit with the last, to make the whole thing coherent.

Can the two of them make it work? Just see for yourself:

Not only is this funny, but it’s truly challenging. We love the fact that both of them had to think on their feet! (And yes, getting Botox done on half of your face would definitely fall under “bad advice.” Well played, Jimmy.)

The “trying out new laughs” category might be our favorite since we’ve never heard laughing quite like that before! Blanchett definitely has a really incredible sense of humor, and truly took the game to brand new levels.

We also have to give some credit to the Tonight Show writing team, since some of these categories were hilariously genius.

For example…


If you want to be even more impressed by Blanchett, consider seeing her film Manifesto in the near future. She doesn’t just play one role — she plays 13 of them. The film, which was shot at the end of 2014, just premiered in America at the Sundance Film Festival yesterday.