Cate Blanchett has a great beauty routine, and we’re stealing it

Cate Blanchett has got a pretty darn busy life. After all, she’s an award-winning actress who’s fighting sexism in Hollywood, as well as a mother of four. Oh, and on top of all that, she’s in final negotiations to star in Marvel’s next Thor movie, alongside Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston. So how does she manage to look so darn stellar all the time? Short answer: Keeping it as natural and low-key as possible.

Recently, Cate talked to Allure about her beauty regimen and what she does to keep herself feeling fresh and fabulous. But often, she doesn’t have time for much makeup, saying her makeup routine is “fairly basic.” “I’ll put a small amount of moisturizer into my base, then rub that in, add a flick of mascara if there’s time, and a bit of blush,” Cate told Allure.

Of course, if you want to rock some glam makeup, that’s totally awesome — but it’s equally awesome that Cate is owning the skin she’s in and owning her inner and outer beauty. She also thinks her best hair days are pretty natural, too — after she’s gone for a swim at the beach. “My hair always feels most free after a swim in the surf: partly curly, partly straight,” she said.

Can SO relate — is there anything better than your hair turning mermaid-wavy from the salt of the ocean? And when all else fails, Cate turns to the ultimate healing element in nature: Sleep, and eight interrupted hours of it. “A massage thrown in, and I’m pretty close to nirvana,” she told Allure. SAAAAME.

However, although Cate generally keeps her beauty regimen natural, she’s definitely got her insecurities. For example, her top skin concern changes, but “at the moment, [it’s] my pores.”

And she may have got her routine down pat now, but it took a little bit of trial and error… such as the time she made the mistake of messing around with her arm hair. “[My worst hair mistake was] bleaching my arm hair in high school — it was copper orange in patches and purple in others,” she told Allure. “Never again.” Cate, let me tell you a little story about the time I got my hair permed, TWICE. Thanks for keeping it real, as always.

Thanks for keeping it real, Cate, as always.

(Image via The Weinstein Company.)

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