There was a #CatCon in LA and it looked awesome

Sure, the biggest convention of the summer is usually considered the esteemed “ComicCon” in San Diego. But this was the second year of a convention in LA that’s sure to get the same prestige and following as SDCC soon enough. I’m talking, of course, about the amazing #CatCon for feline lovers and furry aficionados. There were panel discussions, famous kitty cameos, and (of course) lots of amazing photo ops for people and their precious pets.

Here are just a few of the most awesome pictures we found from the convention.

The cool cat corner.


Wild interviews where some cats really let loose.


Humans surrounded by a sea of huge cats.

And speaking of huge cats, you could watch a huge cat pet a regular-sized cat.


You could also chill with some sweet city cats while you waited at your purr-fectly named train stop.


You could snag a sweet shark-inspired kitty cave.

Of course you could dress up like a cat.

In fact, fashionable feline-wear was all over the convention.

Including some fashionably “furr-ocious” style winners.

Or you could be a little more subtle with some spectacular flair.

And it looks like other four-legged friends were even allowed to join in the fun and festivities!


The #CatCon cuteness looked like everything we hoped it would be and so much more.