Get catcalled on your run? Guess what, you are very, very, very, not alone there and it sucks

All you runners out there that get catcalled on your run, you’re not alone, and it’s not cool. Seriously, sometimes women just can’t catch a break.

It’s hard to motivate yourself to workout and go on a run with normal circumstances, and we all know running in the rain is the worst, but now there is another deterrent to getting out and getting fit… sexual harassment!

Yes, you’ve read that right, women now have to worry about serious catcalls as they venture out on their daily runs.


According to a Runner’s World poll, as reported by Cosmopolitan, there’s an estimated 43 percent of female runners who are victims of catcalling, or a variety of street harassment tactics including, honking, sexual remarks and whistling.

The poll surveyed 2,533 women and 2,137 men and also determined that 96 percent of men said they've rarely, if ever, experienced that sort of attention while running. Hello, this is so NOT okay.


Due to the high number of incidents of catcalling and uninvited street harassment, women runners have had to change when and where they run.

The poll revealed that 63 percent of women specifically reroute their runs to avoid dangerous areas, and 1 in 4 women workout during daylight hours.

While we are glad that we aren’t the only ones feeling uncomfortable due to catcalls and creepy encounters while working out outdoors, it stinks that this seems to be the norm for women venturing outside for their exercise routine.

That being said, ladies need to be much more aware of their surroundings and should always have their phones with them in case of emergencies. Like it or not, it happens, so please be prepared and stay safe.

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