A cataquarium is a real, amazing, heartwarming thing

An amazing thing happened this Thanksgiving: a bunch of homeless cats who were stuck out in the cold got a warm place to relax, thanks to the kindness of one cat-loving dude.

Reddit user ericsheel took to the site over the weekend to proudly display his dad’s new contraption, a DIY “cataquarium”—which stray cats can access by way of a plank and a small hole. The cool thing about this hideaway is that it faces a window into the house, so everyone can watch the cats get all warm and snuggly. Reddit’s ericsheel said only,  “My dad lives on a farm and likes cats.” He also likes pulling on our heartstrings, clearly.

This by no means is the first time someone has ever built a cat shelter, but it looks as if it’s the first time that someone’s built one next to a window (brilliant idea). And while this might have been born out of a simple love for cats, habitats like this cataquarium help the feral cat population by providing  a dry, warm shelter. Besides, cats enjoy watching us just as much as we like watching them, so for both parties it’s a win-win. Awesome idea, ericsheel’s dad. Those cats appreciate you more than you know — and we do, too!

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