The Catalina Wine Mixer from ‘Step Brothers’ is really happening!

Admit that you still love Step Brothers after all these years. The Will Ferrell/John C. Reilly comedy about two adults who find themselves suddenly sharing a newly-married mom and dad still makes us laugh hysterically, and we’re constantly quoting it. So gather up all your best friends, jump in a helicopter, and set a destination for Catalina. The Catalina Wine Mixer from the movie is finally becoming a reality.

If it’s been a while since you’ve caught Step Brothers on TV, never fear. Quick refresher: The Catalina Wine Mixer is the most prestigious helicopter leasing event of the year. The two brothers, Brennan and Dale want to help manage it for their younger helicopter-leasing brother (and step brother), Derek (played by Adam Scott). Everything that can possibly go wrong goes wrong, but Brennan and Dale are able to save the day, and throw the best #@$% Catalina Wine Mixer anyone has ever seen.

All this time, the Catalina Wine Mixer has been strictly fictional. That is, until right now. After years of trying to make the event from the movie a thing, on September 13th, it’s happening. And yes, there will be helicopters there.

Talking to BuzzFeed, a spokesperson for the event explained that they’ve been trying to get a real-life mixer off the ground since the movie came out in 2008, but nothing ever materialized. But now, “Everything came together and it was perfect time,” she explained. Now, the event is a GO.

$35 will get you into the event, along with a special souvenir wine glass and “all day access” for its activities. $100 will get you all that, plus VIP access and food. The event is actually being sponsored by a helicopter company, Island Express Helicopters. It does not appear that Prestigious Worldwide has a hand in anything. But, The Dan Band will perform!  They’ve been seen before in both Old School and The Hangover. The Dan Band will arrive by helicopter, and this is literally our Step Brothers dream come true.

While there’s no word yet as to whether Ferrell, Reilly, or Scott will appear, we can hope. And then everyone can become best friends.

(Image via Sony)


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