We need to go to this cat yoga class immediately

Cat lovers and yogis alike, listen up, because we have the best news for you. Cat yoga is a thing now, so you can say goodbye to downward-facing dog, because it’s all about our other furry friends.

If you’re a cat lover, chances are you’ve seen hilarious photos of cats doing yoga, but this new trend is actually seriously sweet.

According to a report by NPR, "animal shelters in Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, New York, Texas and other states across the country, are partnering with yoga studios" by offering cat yoga classes to raise money and increase adoptions of cats.

The trend just hit Birmingham, Alabama, and the Greater Birmingham Humane Society had their first cat yoga class, which was an instant hit (obvs!). Yoga instructor Carla Jean Whitley lead the class wearing a shirt that read, “Sorry I can’t. I have plans with my cat” (YAS!) and even included a kitty-themed playlist featuring songs like “The Pink Panther” and “Stray Cat Strut.”

Of course, aside from being beyond adorable, we can’t ignore the fact that cats may not be the best yoga companions — they don’t have the best focus, they’ll lick your water bottle, and stretch out all over your mat, but the cause is a totally worthy one so we can’t deny how purrrrfect it is.

According to Whitley, at least one cat named Sweetums was adopted as a result of the class, finding her “furrever home” and given a new name: Catsy Cline. Whitley says she’s “on the path to becoming a “professional crazy cat lady” and was thrilled at the prospect of including her beloved cats in her longtime yoga practice.

Though the class was a success, Whitley admits it's a balancing act, telling AL.com, "Cats are terrible yogis--or perhaps pawsome yogis, given they spend most of their lives in a zen state."


If you’re not based in Alabama, fear not — cat yoga is a trend that’s sweeping the nation one fluffy paw at a time, so you never know when you’ll be tree posin’ next to a four-legged fluffball… meeeeeow.