This adorable cat with vitiligo is a marble work of art, and we just wanna cuddle him

Our fave part of scrolling through Instagram is coming across new pets to fall in love with. We have so much love for many animals of Instagram, but this one is taking our love of Instagram famous cats to a new level. This black cat with vitiligo is absolutely adored on Instagram, with nearly 100k followers and a dedicated fanbase. We can totally see why the world loves him so much, and we think you will too! Because, honestly, this cat with vitiligo is a marble work of art, and he’s so precious!

Meet Scrappy, a perfectly beautiful little kitten who completely and totally has our hearts.

When Scrappy was born, he was completely black. But when he turned seven, he started losing some color.

Now, this gorgeous little guy is sort of marbled. Why? Because he has vitiligo.

Scrappy is literally *so* stunning. He’s such a unique-looking cat, and such a true work of art.

We just wanna cuddle this fuzzy little buddy! Oh, he’s just so precious.

Whether he’s hanging in a box…

..or hanging with his friends…

This cat with vitiligo absolutely has our hearts.

Thanks for all the cuteness, Scrappy!