This cat wears clothes on the reg, and it’s bizarrely stylish in the best way

You can probably guess that we follow a LOT of Instagram famous cats. Like, a lot a lot. But when we came across this one, we had so many questions. See, this cat wears clothes on the reg, and we’re like, one, do cats even like wearing clothes? But two, how TF is this cat so strangely stylish? Honestly, we never thought a cat wearing clothes would be anything close to a form of style inspiration, but here we are, folks.

TBH, we’re here for it. We’ll take cats wearing adorable sweaters, we’ll take cats wearing costumes, and we’ll definitely take more cats that wear clothes and make us wish we were more on trend. Here’s to cat #StyleGoals!

Meet Maxim, a bengal cat from Moscow, Russia.

He’s just a normal cat. He loves his humans and strutting his stuff on Instagram.

Except for one little thing: this cat LOVES wearing clothes. Like, for real.

Maxim is often found in a trendy tee, and, TBH, his sense of style is pretty in line with ours. We don’t know how to feel!

Like, take this adorable white sweater with sweet stitching and heart embroidery. We’d DEFINITELY wear this.

Or this chic AF button up? Who knew kitty business casual was so lovely!

And this vest looks so elegant, and so seasonal! Ugh, why do we want this cat’s closet?!

We’re *so* about this animal print (har har har) top.

And this Mufasa turtleneck has us crying.

We wish we could rock turtlenecks this well!

And, like, is this a selfie?! We actually can’t even deal with this fuzzy little guy.

BRB, time to see if we can knit a few sweaters for our own kittens!