Cats get their own film festival, and TBH, it’s about time

If you’re itching for some a-mew-zing cat vids for your lazy #caturday, your world is about to get seriously rocked. GoMA and the Glasgow Film Festival presented the UK premiere of the Internet Cat Video Festival which had its first opening on February 21st to a SOLD OUT audience, and will offer a second screening on March 1st.

The festival was produced and curated by the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis with a mix of Vimeo footage, YouTube sensations, Vine stars and seriously adorable feline footage dating back to 1901. If you’re wondering what you’re missing, here are some of the cat moments being featured on the big screen.

There’s the original Keyboard Cat

The always insane Bane cat

Freaking adorable Maru

Just a general roundup of cats being jerks

And, of course, the ever-lovable Simon’s Cat

Oh and the best part of the whole Cat Video Festival? Audience members get to dress up. The theme, of course, is cats. Duh.

At the last screening, some folks really took this dress code thing seriously, and we’re not complaining.

For more on the event, and why every city should have its own cat film festival, check out this video right here.

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