There Is Now a 24/7 Cat TV Channel and We Can’t Get Enough

Cats are the undisputed rulers of the Internet. I doubt that when the Department of Defense first started funding the studies that would lead to the creation of the internet they realized it would ultimately become the preferred method of sharing hilarious cat videos, but that is the state we have reached today. I cannot fathom the amount of cat hilarity I would have missed out on were it not for the invention of the internet. Of course, the sheer amount of cat content can become daunting. How do you know where to find the best videos and the trendiest cats?

Look no further than Cats 24/7, an all cats, all the time internet TV channel that is the culmination of cat domination. No longer do you have to find your cat videos on YouTube, this free TV channel has gathered all of the cat videos for your viewing pleasure. With shows like “Famous Felines” and “Cats Gone Viral,” you can be sure to keep up with the latest of internet cat trends. Do you love cats, but can’t own one due to allergies or apartment restrictions? Are you a cat owner trying to make your cat into an online sensation? Do you just need something to brighten your day? Whatever your reasons, Cats 24/7 has something for you.

In honor of this momentous occasion in cat history, I wanted to share some of my favorite internet cats with you:


This was my first exposure to cats on the interweb. I dated a guy freshman year of college in no small part because this was his Facebook picture for a while.

It’s just a website of cats with things piled on them. So simple, yet so brilliant. And yet internet cats have only gotten more amazing from here.

I Can Has Cheezburger

It’s impossible to talk about cats taking over the internet without acknowledging LOLcats. Who knew cats with poor spelling and grammar skills would take the internet by storm?


I’m so happy this cat is being featured on Cats 24/7. He taught me that watching a giant cat trying to fit into tiny boxes can provide hours and hours of entertainment, and my life is so much richer for it.

Roomba Cat

I could pretty happily watch an entire channel that was just this video on repeat.

The ‘Cats’ Girls parody

I hope that the Hannah cat from this parody has in fact gotten in touch with Grumpy Cat’s manager and is in talks for her own show on Cats 24/7. (Also, this channel seriously needs a show that is just cats parodying TV shows.)

Clearly Cats 24/7 is following in the footsteps of many great cats, and I can’t wait to see what they have to contribute. Who are your favorite internet cats? What kind of shows would you like to see on Cats 24/7?

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