Your cat really is trying to talk with you, and here’s why

This one goes out to all the feline fanatics out there. You know who you are, posting all those cute cat videos while rocking your coolest cat-tastic sweatshirt (I see you!).  Never mind that they always end up knocking over your favorite coffee-filled kitty mug and scratching your couch. You still want to know what they’re meowing about and WHY.


Well, you’re in luck, because a few purrfectly wise scientists just proved what you always knew: Your cat really IS trying to talk to you. Okay, so that’s not exactly the same as finding out what it is they’re actually saying, but according to professor of vetrinary behavior at the University of Georgia, Sharon Crowell-Davis, our feline friends have been trying to chat with us all along. We just happen to kind of suck at reading the signs. Let us explain.

You know how you think your kitty friend is happy because they’re purring? That’s sometimes true, but not always. They also purr when they simply need something (say, more water in their bowl, or when they’re feeling a bit under the weather). And as for their meows? They really do save those all for you. Feral cats have been found to barely ever meow with or to one another. Basically, it’s their way of trying to have a chat with you.

Now WHAT they’re trying to say exactly? That’s still up for debate.

And if they’re still not convinced, show them this video.